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KOOPmedia is a one stop Media & Design Company. Every project is an artwork that Simon Koop translates into functional multimedia. Together with your wishes and ideas, we create custom made designs that enhances your company image. Whether you are looking for web-design, web-shop, app, printed media, 3D animation in full HD, video editing, CAD modeling or artist impressions with production sourcing overseas with Innovative Brands, we create it all. Working with highly skilled people enables us to deliver high quality results. We also offer solutions for small projects.

We offer a wide variety of techniques, languages and software. We never stop innovating and updating so that we can guarantee you state of the art products. Below you will find a selection of what we can provide:


HTML/XHTML, HTML5/Canvas, XML, Object Oriented PHP5, Object Oriented Javascript, class based Prototype/Scriptaculous, JQuery/JQuery UI, SQL, ActionScript 3, Webservices (SOAP, XML-RPC), API, Ruby, Processing.js, all new languages,


Linux (Debian/RedHat-based), Eclipse, CVS & Subversion Revision Control, FlashDevelop, Apache2, MySQL


Interaction Design, Agile Software Development,  Iterative Application Development, Artist impressions, CAD modeling, Solid works Modeling, Production Sourcing overseas, Quality Control, Every needed product testing to comply with international Laws, Rapid prototype models, 3D printed prototypes. Product Scale models, Fully functional production models


AS2.0, AS3.0, Xml, Mxml (Flex), Javascript, Processing, Java, Python, Android, C#, OpenGL, Unity3D, Unreal engine

Visual design:

Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Indesign CC, Lightwave, Photoshop Lightroom, Premiere Pro video editing, After effects CC, Final render, Digital fusion, 3D Studio Max, Texture mapping, Poly Modeling, Nurbs Modeling, HD Animation, Inverse Kinetix, UGgraphics, Catia 5, Realflow, Oculus Rift animations